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Join the Best IAS Coaching Institute in Chandigarh. Compete with the best and Learn from the best at Simran IAS Academy which is the best coaching institute got civil services in Chandigarh. We at Simran IAS Academy follow a very comprehensive and in-depth teaching methodology with an equal focus at each and every student, so that no one gets left behind in their IAS Preparation Journey. The experienced faculties and mentors at Simran IAS Academy make sure that each and every evolving pattern in the UPSC IAS Exam is properly analysed and requisite modifications. 

UPSC Pattern are made in the teaching approach so as to cater to the changing demands of the UPSC IAS Exam. The students who have been part of the Simran IAS Academy are a testament of the success of the institute, with many of them achieving great heights in the UPSC IAS Exam. All the three stages, be it the Prelims, Mains or the Interview are equally covered in an in-depth manner so that the students don’t have to look for any other sources in their UPSC IAS Exam Journey.

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At SimranIAS, we are a team of dedicated educators who help individuals prepare for HAS/HPAS Examination and help many succeed in their endeavor.


Punjab Civil services PCS is dream job for many people within Punjab. We are among eh top PCS coaching centers in Chandigarh.


Our success rate vouch for our excellence in providing high-level HCS Coaching and helping several dreaming of a government job in Haryana, turn their dream into a reality..

Learnbymaps buy online

Learnbymaps is Flagship Initiative of Simran IAS Academy. Our Objective is towards Development of study for Improving and Assisting the memory. Our Notes and Study Material content is designed using Mnemonics, thus making Learning Fast, Efficient and Easy.

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Pious Uk

Hey Guys

I’ve bought lot of material like mindmaps for history, geography, art &culture and other short notes stuff which have been really helpful. The creative designs and multiple colors help in memorising things easily. I’d like to thank them for such amazing creation and helping in my learning.

Simran motiani Rajasthan

I am very thankful to Simran IAS team especially for the amount of efforts they give to study material also thankful for enlightening my way and making it easy for me to achieve my study targets in a short span of time by precise and appropriate knowledge and content in their study material. Also thanks for the  guidance🙏

Jininguri (Arunchal Pradesh)

Chapter wise description awesome. Short notes useful for upsc. It can be handy for making short notes and keeping important points in mind….. packing and delivery was great. Thank Siran IAS Learnbymap…all way from Arunachal Pradesh

MP Singh (Haryana)

I got the LBM notes some 20 days ago. I must say they are made very thoughtfully. They are really very easy to read and understand. I thank the whole team of Simran Ablaze IAS Institute for such great study material and support to us students.

Amal (Kerala)

Learn by maps are just awesome. I’m sure that it will help for many aspirants to revise quickly. I appreciate your work and dedication. Your creative ideas put a smile on my face. Thank you so much.

Sunil (Nagaland)

The academic rigour which is required by the Civil Services Examination but missing in many institutions which are fully compensated here not only with the notes but the best Learnbymaps approach. “Simran IAS” follow a result-oriented approach, and that’s why this institute is aiding the students for years. The content is thoroughly cherished and the staff members are also very helpful. The updated content with LBM is the USB of Simran IAS. Thank you so much to make my journey calm and composed! ❤️

Magavath Praveen (Ap)

I always had trouble memorizing all the essential information but @simran ias made easy to understand the topic ,Im feeling very happy after finishing every topic

Ritika( West Bengal)

The best knowledge is gathered when you enjoy your learnings. LBM not only helps me  learn in an interesting way but also makes my retention power stronger with the help of vibrant colors and pictures. Extremely organised and helpful matetials, such that I  hardly require a course book to refer to. But again the best thing I like is the way the faculties take care of my learning process. They are always available for any help and support I have ever required. It feels amazing when even in a course like UPSC I get pampered with knowledge and guidance by the faculties, unlike other professional courses for the same.

A big Thank you toSimran IAS team for making my learing process easier, interesting and helpful.

Sirin Sulthana( Tamil Nadu)

A big thanks to Simran IAS academy which made my prep easier.. I am not a note making person and start studying the lbm polity which gave me inhand details of the books and helped me through out the process 😃.. I have cleared SPSC prelims and going to write mains and all credits goes to the lbm which made my preparation smooth.. best material for revising at last min ❤️ and kudos to the team 🥰

Hemant (Bihar)

Learnby maps is very fantastic.No material can beat this material.very nice effort by simran mam and his team.

Yogesh (Karnataka)

LBM are one of the best books that make the toughest subjects very simple way of understanding and it’s very easy to revise by LBM it provides tricks to remember

Saishree Mahe (Puducherry)

Dear team simranias,

Such an initiative of explaining the concept in 30 mins is never a easy task.. acc .to me i wish always the materials to be handy and it should inch wide and mile depth..simran ias satisfies alllneeds . If I could mention one negative about simraniasis , they don’t provide me with excel of what are the materials they do have .. but yes it’s a too dificult task because they align coordinate .. compile each and every minute topics of ias … So expecting  the content sheet is wrong just go with the flow they provided

Jyotsana( Jharkhand)

Maps helps  in quick revision once we have read the topic and helps to stick to the portion really important .In map form your team has really shown the great creativity which is so fascinating to see and learn .you have tried to add as much detail possible and yes the current thing added is of great help .Not enough but yes complements preperation and would be useful in last min.💙

Shashank (Chhattisgarh)

Learnbymaps is a good series for CIVIL SERVICE EXAMINATION.

It is helping aspirants to make the topics clear and easily able to understand by flowcharts amd tricks.

I would always like to make my notes like this. Which is very very helpful and interesting while preparing and reading.

Amishagupta( Uttar Pradesh)

Big thanks to your team for their hardwork , neatness in notes in each page and the content each topics have covered beautifully 👏👏

in starting i got lil nervous after seeing such a blulky notes 😨 but after giving some time to notes i just too happy bcuz it don’t take too much time to read even this save my time and energy 😆😅

i m so glad that i have ordered notes from SIMRAN IAS 🙏🏻

Thanks a lot for all urhardwork so that now i can do smart work 😆

Shivani (Maharashtra)

Hi, first of all I want to tell u that u r doing such an amazing work for the aspirants. 😍😍The notes are so amazing that I am gaining interest in study. The beautiful pictures drawn and the images attached to it makes so easy to study because it is said that our pictographical memory is very strong than just reading the things n reminding it. These notes became my mode of attraction and positive energy for study.  These are so in detail and well explained through mind maps and it’s all ur hard work behind this perfect thing. Keep growing, keep motivating, keep supporting us. We both can work perfectly by supporting each other. Hats off to ur efforts💫💫Salute👏👏

Naizy (Pb)

I have purchased all the learn by maps. Crisp and easy to understand notes. Helped me immeasurably in my preparation. I could memorize everything easily with the help of diagrams, maps, mnemonics. The quality of the notes reflect the pure hardwork and dedication of the team. Hats off and Thank You

Kotla Vandana (Telangana)

Happy with the order, all materials are good in condition.

The way you precise every topic and made short and crispy notes(points) from it makes easy for any aspirant to revise and remember.

This learn by maps are great initiative with awesome creativity which makes every aspirant journey smooth.

Naman (Himachal Pradesh)

I could not have spent my time any better than this .Learnbymaps crispy notes made my path a little easier , as it helped in quick revision , also the power loops & PYQ’S Analysis added more efficiency . Almost all the facts are  covered which makes my work easier . Even minute information is covered (ex :- HP LBM  important facts from all the important books are covered , hence making it easier to retain  ). Thank you for existing when I started the prepration , this is what we seek from institute to make our work a little easier 😅🙏

Abishek (Odisha)

I’ll give this institute 5 star after one year ….Now it’s my personal view:-

Till November I had no idea about the study process for civil service ….At initial time I went through a lot of website YouTube channel lot of coaching classes materials but all those things crossed my expectation level…. I purchased a study course from one of the advertise oriented study group which was totally out of my mind …But One day I saw a learn by maps pdf in my Instagram which was very simple and easy to understand the topics … first I went through all the posts posted by that I’d and after that day I bought it and continuing my study with their guidances…There are a lot of questions come to our mind that after purchasing the course is that group really make call or take the update or not which was also in my mind too ..They replied on my every message and every call on my study related… Lastly Thankyou so Much SIMRAN IAS Team …Your hardwork says all … Thank you

Naturedeep Kaur( Jammu)

To crack India’s one of the toughest examinationi.e UPSC one needs the best material & mentors. Everybody has a dream to crack this exam. Well, I suggest you to choose – Learnbymaps -Simran IAS Academy. It not only focuses on improving areas of need but also puts a huge emphasis on bolstering the individual strengths. Mentors of this institute are highly educated, thoughtful and nurturing. They provide rigorous academic challenges, as well as the tools & strategies needed to meet those challenges. To be Honest, the subject that I assumed to be tough and boring one was transformed into a fascinating subject. Moreover, making mindmaps for every topic help me to understand the concept by heart. At last, I would say I am blessed that I have choose the Best Institute!


“I have cleared my KPSC prelims Ma’am. Preparing for mains now. I have Read core textbooks these are so seamless to revise and keep things at fingertips. Thanks a lot”


“Today I started with art and culture and I started with nitin Singhania’s art and culture book and simultaneously using LBM of art & Culture. I found it really helpful. There is no need for me to make notes of everything. Every important point is covered in it. Thank you so much Ma’am for this initiative. Really Ma’am I appreciate your hardwork I bow to you mam for this Beautiful LBM.”

Opinderjit Singh(Sub-Inspector)

“ I think Simran Academy from the bottom of my heart for the guidance and help in my preparation for civil service examination. The comprehensive integrated course that Simran Ablaze offers is a Hand holding exercise where they guide you from the very first stage.I wish allthe best for future aspirants who have made their wise choice to become a part& parcel of their Legancy.”


“I Purchase LBM Grography And History, awesome notes.your material helps aspirant to move a step forward towards achieving the goal. My mother is a history teacher and after seeing your notes she immense hard work to collect points from several books and compile them to come up with such awesome power pack.I would love to purchase Further, you make my leaearning easy. Thank you Ma’am”

Charanjit Singh,IPS

“I am proud to say that I belong to this wonderful temple of knowledge: Simran ablaze Academy. Their all Courses,expert lectures, assignments and test series manifolds our Knowledge in dynamica well as in conventional areas. the Academy’s environment provide us a platform where we can develop ourselves uniquely and prove to be a Civil Servant Servant in a Highly Competitive exam”

Poonam Chaudhary,PCS(ETO)

“Simran IAS Academy offers a blend of learning amusement, and integration of enduring principles. As UPSC syllabus is wide and thus I get to learn something new with every subject in the class. The entire study environment make it easy for aspirants to learn and inculcate the spirit of Stand out amongst the talented and hardworking Aspirants.”

ias coaching in chandigarh
Our Academy

Simran IAS Academy is the Best IAS Coaching Institute in Chandigarh. 3000+ aspirants already trained. Keeping with our track record of being the most successful & oldest civil services academy in North India. At the Simran IAS Academy, we put in our honest effort to offer the aspirants with the best guidance, study material, answer sheet and mentorship to crack civils examinations, especially IAS, PCS & HAS. A prominent member of the IAS coaching fraternity in Chandigarh, Simran IAS has proved its mettle by having its students score golden scores in various competitive examinations, especially Civil services like IAS, PCS & HAS.

Our Mission

Simran Ablaze Academy promise to deliver highest standards in quality Civil Services Exam coaching in Chandigarh from the best in India. And that is why our Teaching faculty includes the renowned authors, academicians, scientists and spokespersons in India. And when it comes to results, our success stories from last nine years speaks for itself. Simran Ablaze Academy has the best success rates among all academies in North India. Our batch schedules & timing is flexible for every aspirant graduate, undergraduates or even working professionals. Your dream for IAS has a special significance and we value your trust and hard work. UPSC coaching in Chandigarh in Hindi Medium is also available with us. Simran Ablaze Academy is one of the top IAS Coaching Institute in Chandigarh.

BEST IAS Coaching in Chandigarh

We make IAS Coaching affordable:

Simran Ablaze not only specialize in making your journey towards success easy but also make it affordable by charging a reasonable IAS Coaching fees in Chandigarh. Our focus in on providing the aspirants with the right guidance and support that aids them in achieving their goal- becoming an IAS officer. IAS is the most prestigious examination. Make sure that nothing comes in your way, not even the UPSC CSE Coaching fees in Chandigarh, in achieving your target to crack the examination at your best.

IAS Coaching in Chandigarh in Hindi and English Medium:

Whether you are from Hindi medium or an English medium aspirants, our experts are competent to offer you UPSC Coaching in your desired medium. Our expertise in IAS Coaching in Chandigarh in Hindi medium is no lesser than our finesse in offering English medium IAS Coaching. We are committed to make your dream come true irrespective of the medium you belong to.

An honest effort towards making your future bright:

Simran IAS Academy is a dedicated IAS Coaching Institute in Chandigarh that helps aspiring students in preparing for the most prestigious exam- IAS Entrance Exam. At the institute, we put in our honest effort to offer the aspirants with the best guidance, study material, answer sheet and mentorship to crack competitive examinations, especially IAS, PCS & HAS. A prominent member of the IAS coaching fraternity in Chandigarh, Simran IAS Academy has proved its mettle by having its students score golden scores in various competitive examinations, especially Civil services like IAS, PCS & HAS.

Result-oriented IAS Coaching

While there are several UPSC Coaching institutes in Chandigarh claiming tobe the best, our results speak for our expertise. We have a great success rate that makes us stand out of the crowd. Our former students are today proudly occupying different prestigious positions as an IAS Officer and serving to the country. Thanks to the meticulous efforts of our staff, structured IAS Coaching study material and constant focus on improvement. We have made UPSC CSE Coaching Classes in Chandigarh efficient and result oriented.

Simran Academy focused on strength optimization and at the same time we offer exam centric preparation that aids aspirants in better understanding the exam structure, preparing for the most ask and relevant questions and stay prepared for whatever may come their way to pass IAS examination with flying colors.