Bolson Tortoises

  • Biologists are in a slow and steady race to help North America’s largest and
    rarest Bolson tortoise species.
  • Bolson tortoises is the largest and rarest land reptile, as well as the rarest of
    the six Gopherus species native to the North American Continent.
  • Adult males are generally smaller than females in this species.
  • The tortoise is a land-dwelling reptile that spends more than 95% of its time
    in a burrow that it constructs with its shovel-like front feet.
  • All foraging, nesting and mating activities take place during the tortoise’s
    active season from roughly April to October.
  • The average life span of a Bolson tortoise is not known but probably lies
    upward of a century.
  • This species at present, is restricted to a relatively small area of the
    grasslands of north-central Mexico in the states of Chihuahua, Coahuila and
    Durango, where it exists in disjunct sub-populations.
    Conservation status:
  • IUCN: Critically Endangered