Coral Reef Fossils In Ladakh

  • Geologists have made a remarkable discovery of coral reef fossils at an elevation of
    18,000 feet above sea level in the Burtse region, Eastern Ladakh Himalayas.
  • These fossils reveal the existence of ancient coral colonies and provide insights into a
    previously unknown geological past of the Burtse region, suggesting the presence of a
    diverse marine ecosystem.
  • The findings support the Idea that the Himalayas emerged when continental plates were
    thrust out of the Tethys Sea about 40 million years ago.
  • The discovery of coral reef fossils In Ladakh is significant because it indicates that this
    region, now a high-altitude desert, was once submerged under a vast ocean.
  • This finding offers insights into Ladakh’s geological history, the impact of tectonic
    activity, and ancient climate conditions.