electric vehicle

Electric Vehicles or EVs are dubbed the future of mobility — as one of the methods to reduce the near-total reliance on fossil fuels. And even though India is quite a new entrant in this segment, the country is on the path to becoming one of the largest EV markets by 2030.

According to independent studies, the EV market in India will be a $206 billion opportunity by 2030. This will be mostly led by the two-wheeler segment. But as the country ambitiously moves towards a new electric era, the two-wheeler EV sector is undergoing a major crisis.

On the night of Tuesday, April 19, a man lost his life after the detachable battery of the electric scooter, which was kept for charging, exploded in his house. Over the past month, several fire incidents have raised serious questions regarding passenger safety with electric vehicles.

So the question is, why are e-scooters in India catching fire? In order to understand the problem, let’s first look at how batteries work and the variables involved.