Ghatiana sanguinolenta : Fresh Water Crab Species

  • Researchers recently discovered a freshwater crab species, ‘Ghatiana sanguinolenta’
    from the Balekoppa village of Sirsi district in northern Karnataka.
  • Ghatiana sanguinolenta is a newly discovered species of freshwater crab.
  • The crab gets its name from the Latin word ‘sanguinolenta’, meaning ‘red’ or ‘bloodcoloured’.
  • The crab’s blood-red colour and the outwardly curved article of the first part of the male
    ‘gonopod’ (genetalia) distinguish it from other species in the Ghatiana subgenus.
  • It is currently known only from the type locality, which is situated in the Central Western
    Ghats of India.
  • It is about 1.1 inches wide and about 0.7 inches long.
  • It has a “broad,” “strongly arched” body and small eyes.
  • Its body has a rich and relatively uniform burgundy red colouring, while the tips of its
    claws are a lighter cherry red.
  • It predominantly resides in water collected within tree trunks and exhibits heightened
    activity during the rainy season.
  • Their diet consists of insects and algae.
  • Male and female crabs share the same coloration