Global Innovation Index 2023

India retains 40th rank out of 132 economies in the Global Innovation Index 2023

  • Global Innovation Index 2023 is published by the World Intellectual Property
  • It is a reliable tool for governments across the world to assess the innovation-led social
    and economic changes in their respective countries.
  • This year, the NITI Aayog, in partnership with the CII and the World Intellectual Property
    Organisation (WIPO), is hosting, virtually, the India Launch of the GII 2023 on 29th
    September 2023.
  • The Global Innovation Index is built on a rich dataset – the collection of 80 indicators
    from international public and private sources – going beyond the traditional measures of
    innovation since the definition of innovation has broadened.
  • Top 5 countries: Switzerland, Sweden ,United States United Kingdom (4th) and Singapore
  • It listed India as among the 21 economies that outperformed for a 13th consecutive year
    on innovation relative to level of development.
  • It states that India, Iran, Philippines, Turkiye, Vietnam and Indonesia are among the
    economies within the GII top 65 that climbed fastest in the ranking over the last decade.
  • India holds top ranking within the Central and Southern Asia region for Human capital
    and research (48th), Business sophistication (57th) and Knowledge and technology
    outputs (22nd).
  • Strong indicators include ICT services exports (5th), Venture capital received (6th),
    Graduates in science and engineering (11th) and Global corporate R&D investors (13th)