Green War Room : Delhi Government

  • The Delhi government has launched a ‘green war room’ to combat air pollution in the
    city by implementing the Winter Action Plan and monitoring pollution 24×7.
  • Delhi faces severe air pollution, particularly during the winter months, due to various
    sources such as vehicles, industry, construction activities, and stubble burning in
    neighbouring states like Punjab and Haryana.
  • The war room will be connected to a mobile application called the Green Delhi app,
    emphasizing the importance of public participation in addressing the issue.
  • The Delhi government will also launch an anti-dust campaign, to address sources of
    pollution within the city.
  • The Green Delhi app allows citizens to report pollution-related complaints, which will be
    monitored by the green war room.
  • According to a report by the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), internal sources
    within Delhi contribute to 31% of the pollution, while external sources from surrounding
    states contribute 69%.