Guidelines For Designation Of Senior Advocates : Supreme Court

  • The Supreme Court (SC), in its full court meeting held recently, decided to confer senior
    designations on 47 former judges of the High Courts.
  • The candidates need to be at least ten years’ standing as an Advocate or ten years’
    combined standing as an Advocate and as a District and session Judge or as a Judicial
    Member of any Tribunal in India to be designated as Senior Advocates at the SC.
  • They must practice mainly in the Supreme Court, but advocates with domain expertise in
    practising before specialised tribunals may be given concession.
  • The age limit for applying for the designation of senior advocate is now 45 years, unless
    the age limit is relaxed.
  • The age limit can be relaxed by the Committee for Designation of Senior Advocates or if
    the name has been recommended by the Chief Justice of India or a SC judge.
  • The new guidelines have a revised point system for evaluating candidates.
  • The new criteria include the number of years of practice and the body of work.
  • Number of years of practice: Applicants will get a maximum of 20 points, 10 points for
    10 years of practice, and 1 point each for every additional year of practice.
  • The selection for the designation of senior advocates will be done by the Committee for
    Designation of Senior Advocates.
  • The Committee is headed by CJI as the Chairperson.
  • The applications will be invited once a year, and the committee will meet twice a year.
  • It will also have a permanent secretariat, whose members will be selected by the CJI and
    the committee.