OIML (International Organisation of Legal Metrology) Certificates

  • India has become the 13th country in the world that issue Internationally Accepted OIML
    (International Organisation of Legal Metrology) Certificates.
    OIML (International Organisation of Legal Metrology) Certificates
  • OIML (International Organisation of Legal Metrology) is a renowned international
    standard-setting body in the field of legal metrology.
  • Established: 1955.
  • HQ: Paris.
  • Its primary role is to develop model regulations, standards, and related documents for
    use by legal metrology authorities and industries worldwide.
  • These standards are crucial in harmonizing national laws and regulations concerning the
    performance of measuring instruments, such as clinical thermometers, alcohol breath
    analyzers, radar speed measuring instruments, ship tanks at ports, and petrol dispensing
  • India became an OIML member in 1956.
  • India signed the metric convention, emphasizing its commitment to international
    standards in metrology.
  • The OIML-CS (Certificate System) is a globally recognized system for issuing, registering,
    and using OIML certificates, along with their associated OIML-type evaluation/test
  • Indian manufacturers can now export their products with greater ease.
  • The certification services provided by India will attract international manufacturers.
  • To meet the growing demand for certification services, India is expected to witness a
    surge in employment opportunities in the legal metrology sector.