Project Udbhav

  • The Indian Army in partnership with the United Service Institution of India (USI),
    wrapped up a hybrid-panel discussion as part of Project Udbhav.
  • The discussion focused on “The Evolution of Indian Military Systems, Warfare, and
    Strategic Thinking: Current Research and Future Directions.”
  • Project Udbhav is an initiative set in motion by the Indian Army to rediscover the
    profound Indic heritage of statecraft and strategic thoughts derived from ancient Indian
    texts of statecraft, warcraft, diplomacy and grand strategy.
  • It focuses on a broad spectrum including Indigenous Military Systems, Historical Texts,
    Regional Texts and Kingdoms, Thematic Studies, and intricate Kautilya Studies.
  • At its core, Project Udbhav seeks to bridge the historical and the contemporary.
  • The project goes beyond rediscovering historical narratives; it aims to develop an
    indigenous strategic vocabulary deeply rooted in India’s multifaceted philosophical and
    cultural heritage.
  • The ultimate objective is to integrate ancient wisdom into modern military pedagogy,
    allowing the Indian Army to draw from centuries-old principles in today’s complex
    strategic landscape.
  • In connection with Project Udbhav, the USI will conduct a Military Heritage Festival on
    21st and 22nd October, 2023.