Restrict Exports Of Graphite : China

  • China has unveiled plans to restrict exports of graphite—a mineral crucial to the
    manufacture of batteries for electric vehicles (EVs)—on national security grounds.
  • Graphite is an opaque, non-metallic carbon polymorph that is blackish silver in colour
    and metallic to dull in sheen.
  • Since it resembles metal lead, it is also known colloquially as black lead or plumbago.
  • It is formed by the metamorphosis of sediments containing carbonaceous material.
  • It is a naturally occurring form of crystalline carbon.
  • It is extremely soft, cleaves with very light pressure, and has a very low specific gravity.
  • In contrast, it is extremely resistant to heat and nearly inert in contact with almost any
    other material.
  • These extreme properties give it a wide range of uses in metallurgy and manufacturing.