Social Security Agreement : India-Argentina

  • India and Argentina have signed a significant Social Security Agreement (SSA) aimed at
    protecting the rights of professionals and workers from both countries regarding social
    security contributions.
  • The SSA covers areas related to old-age benefits, survivor’s pensions, and permanent,
    total disability pensions for employed individuals in India.
  • In Argentina, it applies to contributory benefits provided by the Social Security System.
  • The agreement ensures that detached workers and their family members, who
    temporarily work in another country, retain their rights to contributory benefits under
    local legislation without reduction, modification, suspension, suppression, or retention.
  • The SSA establishes a legal framework for regulating the insurance period (period of
    services with contributions) and contributory benefits for detached workers, including
    crew members of airlines and ships.
  • It ensures the smooth export of these benefits to the home country of the worker.