Someshwara Inscription

  • Archaeologists discovered a rare inscription connected to the Alupa dynasty during a
    recent archaeological exploration at Someshwara near Mangaluru, Karnataka.
  • Someshwara inscription is very significant in the study of Tuluva history and culture.
  • It has two panels on the top, and in between the two panels, the first line is engraved.
  • The rest of the inscription written below the panels is in Kannada script and the
    language of 12th century characters announcing the death of Alupendra I.
  • The human figures shown in the inscription represent Kulashekara Alupendra himself.
  • To the left of this panel, divided by a pillar, the King is again shown in a sitting posture on
    a mound, resting both his palms on the centre of his legs in dhyana mudra.