Statue Of Equality: America

  • Statue of Equality as the largest statue of Dr. B R Ambedkar outside India, is set to be
    unveiled in Maryland on October 14.
  • Crafted by the renowned artist and sculptor Ram Sutar, known for the Sardar Patel
    statue in Ahmedabad, this 19-foot statue pays tribute to Dr. Ambedkar, the visionary
    architect of India’s Constitution.
  • It forms an Integral part of the Ambedkar International Center (AIC), situated on 13 acres
    of land in Accokeek, Maryland.
  • The “Statue of Equality” stands as a testament to the ideals of justice, equality, and
    human rights championed by Dr. B R Ambedkar.
  • The statue’s colossal size, combined with its significance, makes it a unique tribute to the
    legacy of the iconic leader.
  • The statue is a vital component of the ongoing construction of the Ambedkar
    International Center in Accokeek, Maryland.
  • The AIC aims to be a hub for promoting and disseminating the teachings and messages
    of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar.
  • The AIC and the “Statue of Equality” stand as symbols of the principles of equality and
    human rights championed by Dr. Ambedkar