Women’s Reservation Bill 2023

  • The Lok Sabha (LS) and Rajya Sabha (RS), both passed Women’s Reservation Bill 2023
    (128th Constitutional Amendment Bill) or Nari Shakti Vandan Adhiniyam.
  • The bill reserves one-third of the seats in Lok Sabha, State legislative assemblies and the
    Delhi assembly.
  • This will also apply to the seats reserved for SCs (Scheduled Castes) and STs (Scheduled
    Tribes) in Lok Sabha and State Legislatures.
    Key Features of the Bill
    Reservation for Women in Lower House
  • The Bill provided for inserting Article 330A to the constitution, which borrows from the
    provisions of Article 330, which provides for reservation of seats to SCs/STs in the Lok
  • The Bill provided that reserved seats for women may be allotted by rotation to different
    constituencies in states or Union Territories.
  • In the seats reserved for SCs/STs, the Bill sought to provide one-third of the seats to be
    reserved for women on rotational basis.
    Reservation for Women in State Legislative Assemblies
  • The Bill introduces Article 332A, which mandates the reservation of seats for women in
    every state Legislative Assembly.
  • Additionally, one-third of the seats reserved for SCs and STs must be allocated for
    women, and one-third of the total seats filled through direct elections to the Legislative
    Assemblies shall also be reserved for women.
    Reservation for Women in NCT of Delhi ( New clause in 239AA)
  • Article 239AA to the constitution grants special status to the Union Territory of Delhi as
    national capital with regards to its administrative and legislative functioning.
  • Article 239AA(2)(b) was amended by the bill accordingly to add that the laws framed by
    parliament shall apply to the National Capital territory of Delhi.
    Commencement of Reservation (New article – 334A)
    The reservation will be effective after the census conducted after the commencement of this Bill
    has been published.
  • Based on the census, delimitation will be undertaken to reserve seats for women.
  • The reservation will be provided for a period of 15 years. However, it shall continue till
    such date as determined by a law made by Parliament.

    Rotation of Seats
  • Seats reserved for women will be rotated after each delimitation, as determined by a
    law made by Parliament.