Yard 12706 (IMPHAL)

  • Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders Limited (MDL) delivered the third Stealth Destroyer of
    Project 15B Class Guided Missile Destroyer, i.e., Yard 12706 (IMPHAL), to the Indian
  • Yard 12706 (IMPHAL) ship is constructed using Indigenous Steel DMR 249A and is among
    the largest Destroyers constructed in India, with an overall length of 164 metres and a
    displacement of over 7500 tonnes.
  • The ship is propelled by a powerful Combined Gas and Gas Propulsion Plant (COGAG),
    consisting of four reversible Gas Turbines, which enables her to achieve a speed of over
    30 knots (approx 55 Kmph).
  • The ship Is a potent platform capable of undertaking a variety of tasks and missions,
    spanning the full spectrum of maritime warfare.
  • It is armed with supersonic Surface-to-Surface ‘Brahmos’ missiles and ‘Barak-8’ Medium
    Range Surface to Air Missiles.
  • Towards undersea warfare capability the Destroyer is fitted with indigenously developed
    anti-submarine weapons and sensors, prominently the Hull mounted Sonar Humsa NG,
    Heavy weight Torpedo Tube Launchers and ASW Rocket Launchers.
  • It Is more versatile than the previous classes of Destroyer and Frigates in Naval
  • It has all-round capability against enemy submarines, surface warships, anti-ship missiles
    and fighter aircraft will enable it to operate independently without supporting vessels,
    and also to function as the flagship of a Naval task force.
    Project 15B
  • Project 15B (P15B) / Visakhapatnam-class is the latest destroyer design currently under
    construction for the Indian Navy.
  • These ships have been designed indigenously by the Indian Navy’s Directorate of Naval
    Design, New Delhi.