India and the Northern Sea Route (NSR) 
Context- Murmansk is witnessing the rising trend of Indian involvement in cargo traffic.
About Murmansk

 It is popularly called the capital of the Arctic region and the beginning point of the Northern Sea Route (NSR).
 • It is a city in the north-west of the European part of Russia, the administrative center of Murmansk Oblast
• It is the largest city in the world located beyond the Arctic Circle and one of the largestn ports in Russia. 
 • Murmansk’s ice-free harbour makes it Russia’s only port with unrestricted access to the Atlantic and world sea routes.
Northern Sea Route (NSR)
 • It is the shortest shipping route for freight transportation between Europe and countries of the Asia-Pacific region, straddles four seas of the Arctic Ocean. • Running to 5,600 km, the Route begins at the boundary between the Barents and the Kara seas (Kara Strait) and ends in the Bering Strait (Provideniya Bay). • Distance savings along the NSR can be as high as 50% compared to the currently used shipping lanes via Suez or Panama. 
• The 2021 blockage of the Suez Canal, which forms part of the widely-used maritime route involving Europe and Asia, has led to greater attention on the NSR.