Kylinxia zhangi : Old Fossil Discovere

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• Researchers have recently investigated a nearly 520 million-year-old fossil of Kylinxia zhangi with a CT scanner and redescribed the animal.
• Kylinxia zhangi is an extinct arthropod that lived in the early Cambrian period, about 520 million years ago.
• The fossil of the species was uncovered near the town of Chengjiang in the Yunan Province of southern China.
• Kylinxia is among the 250 or so extremely well-preserved fossil animals described from the region, which are together known as Cambrian Chengjiang biota.
• It had”a segmented body with a head, thorax, and abdomen.
• Kylinxia sported three eyes on its head, along with a pair of fearsome claws that was possibly used to catch prey.
• It had a fused head shield, a segmented trunk, and jointed legs.
• The creature had a head with six segments, which is similar to modern insects.