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Do you also have the fear that how will you cover those bulky standard books prescribed by every UPSC CSE topper??

•Are you also someone who has a great difficulty in covering the syllabus of UPSC CSE from the standards NCERT’s & books like Spec-Kant??

•But do you also aspire to achieve a Top 100 Rank in CSE this year??

•Here’s an easy solution for you…

•Cover the entire syllabus of UPSC CSE through a Mind-Map Approach AKA ‘The Learnbymaps’ Initiative of Simran IAS Academy.

• These UPSC Mind Maps prepared by Simran IAS Academy, Chandigarh will ensure that you cover each & every aspect of the syllabus, but in the smartest way possible.

•These IAS Mind Map Notes are prepared & curated from a wide range of standard sources keeping in mind the demands of this exam.

•  Through these Civil Services Mind Map Notes, you will be able to ace the exam with flying colours in the shortest possible time.

•So, what are you waiting for??

• Place your orders today of Mind Maps for UPSC which contain a set of various IAS Mind Map Charts, Notes and Books of various topics like History, Polity, Geography, Economics, Environment, etc and move an inch closer towards your dream of becoming an IAS Officer and serving the nation.

• Contact Simran IAS Academy, Chandigarh to obtain a sample copy of the Mind Map Notes before Buying the Mind Map Notes Online!!

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Vol 3 Art And Culutre                                             Vol1 For History


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