365 Questions in 365 Days


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Create Answer Writing Habit by Writing 1Ques Everyday for 365 Days. Let this Program be the Reason for your Persistency. UPSC is not about #talent about #intelligence #IITs . It is about working regularly on your mistakes and Feedback.

Fee is 2402/- for writing 365 Questions and worth EveryPenny starting from 1st July 2023.


1) Daily Answer Writing Session for 365 Days

2) Model Answer will be provided if You have Written answers ( A sincere Answer)

3) Telephonic Feedback or Audio Feedbacks will be Provided on whatsapp.

4) Answer writing Session will be Conducted on Regular Intervals by Pamel ma’am or Some other Senior Faculty.

5) Fee for 365 Program is Rs 2402 Only.

6) You can be removed from Program , If you are not Regular ( buffer time is 7days ) or Misbehavior during this year.

7) If you have basic awarness with GS. You can join this Programme .

We have tired to keep a very Nominal Charges so that Every Serious and Needy Aspirants can Afford it.

This program is only for the “Serious Aspirants”. We invited all the Potential Aspirant for the same.


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