Cybercrime Investigation Tool

  • A new cybercrime investigation tool has been developed to track cyberattacks that
    target humans, such as insurance fraud and online matrimonial fraud.
  • This tool, known as the TTP (tactics, techniques, and procedures)-based cybercrime
    investigation framework, aids in tracking and categorizing cybercrimes.
  • It identifies the chain of evidence required to solve a case and maps evidence onto the
    framework to convict criminals.
  • The technology can create an approximate crime execution path, suggest a crime path
    based on user-derived keywords, compare the modus operandi used in different crimes,
    manage user roles, and track activity for crime paths.
  • By relying on criminals’ tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs), the TTPs-based
    investigation framework is expected to be highly effective in convicting cybercriminals
    quickly and precisely.
  • The developd cybercrime investigation framework and tool are now ready for
    deployment with law enforcement agencies.
  • This advancement is expected to make it easier to track and convict cybercriminals,
    ultimately reducing cybercrime activities in the country